Northern Ireland Tai-Jutsu offers a blend of practical self-defence and traditional martial arts for use in the real world, combining the fundamentals of Jiu-Jutsu with Western Boxing for punching and Thai Kickboxing for low kicks.

Focusing on techniques that work in street-based scenarios, we instruct in the 3 principles of avoidance, disengagement and counter-attack.

One of Tai-Jutsu’s key philosophies is to neutralise the attacker as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is often best achieved by targeting the attacker’s most vulnerable points, and to manipulate the attacker’s body so that those targets present themselves more readily.

Underlying this we instruct our students in maintaining an awareness for their surroundings, identifying potential threats (including multiple attackers), spotting possible escape routes, and understanding the psychology of street violence.

Our classes are open to male and female students of any level of martial arts experience. Our goal is to teach you a series of effective means of self-defence that will work for your individual size and strength.

You will be taught a range of skills including blocking & striking, kicking, locks & restraints, disengagements from chokes & grabs, effective throws, and the use of traditional & improvised weapons. All of this in a friendly and welcoming environment by a team of experienced instructors.