Tai-Jutsu Store

We don't pretend to have a huge stock of everything you'll ever need, but we do keep a few essentials. Everybody needs to get themselves a gum shield and a groin guard. Coming up on your first grading? Pick yourself up a Gi (uniform), it'll help you with your grabs and wrestling, and you'll look like you belong with the rest of us. 

All items are available for delivery, or pick-up from your club. Let us know at checkout what your preference is. 


Whether it's your first gi or you're buying your fifth pair of training bottoms because they're just so comfortable, you should find all your needs here. 


The few things that we highly recommend to have for class. 



Birthdays, Christmas's, and Association Events. Everybody wants to know what makes you so bad a**, wear a Tai-Jutsu t-shirt and let them know!